The Company

Obeikan Technical Fabrics (OTF) produces high-quality advanced textiles for architectural, industrial and signage applications. Since 1998, our fabrics have been used worldwide to create new spaces, protect people and goods, and deliver memorable visual statements.


(Ton/Year) Production Capacity

(Square Meters) Annual Production Capacity

(Square Meter) area covered the Mina tents used by pilgrims attending the Hajj


Obeikan Technical Fabrics is the Middle East’s leading manufacturer of PVC/PVDF and PTFE coated fabrics and the only regional company producing technical fabrics in widths up to five meters. With more than two decades of experience, we are proud to have provided the fabrics for installations that have delivered utility, comfort and safety for millions of people and have often become iconic landmarks.

Our production facilities in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia include specialized plants dedicated to the major elements of technical fabric manufacturing: production, base fabric weaving and chemical application. Our stringent quality control processes ensure a superior product that performs flawlessly and lives up to our 25-year warranty even in the most weather-exposed conditions. Our technical and services teams work tirelessly to customize fabrics based on specific needs and to deliver them to the installation site in perfect condition.

Obeikan Technical Fabrics is part of Obeikan Investment Group, one of Saudi Arabia’s most technologically advanced and respected manufacturer.

OTF’s technical fabrics have been used for roofs, stadiums, tent covers, sails, shades, signboards and more, at home in Saudi Arabia and around the world.

 Quality testing

  • Tensile strength
  • Tear resistance
  • UV stability
  • Flame retardancy
  • Welding strength
  • Cold crack resistance
  • Aging
  • Light translucency